Sunday, 4 October 2009

Be Irish (or this is not football)

St. Patrick's day, no, it is not. There's just one more day when You can be Irish without being Irish, day that is not St.Patrick's day. No need for a green scarf, a silver shamrock, a delicious black beer with a golden harp on it. This time you can get away just with a weird handball-looking ball.

Because I'm talking about the Gaelic Football, and the special day is the day of the European Gaelic Football Tournament, which made a quick stop for a pint of Tuborg in Copenhagen. And suddenly everybody was Irish, irish accent, a lot of green and well.. the beer came, but later, after the tournament. 

Now back to the game, it's not really socker, nor handball or rugby.. but it has a little of everything. Struggling, pushing, cursing, hitting the ball and occasionally intentionally the adversary you're passing the ball in the net or over the gate and you score. 

And no, this not Australian Football, so don't hit your adversaries in the face, or.. not too obvious. And in plus this football is pretty popular not only trough high testeron male reunions.

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