Monday, 9 November 2009

Flashback IV - karting

Karting or go-kart can be seen as a sport for kids in the fun-parks, but it’s much more than that. Some see it or just love to see it as the first step into mono-post racing. Which of course is the dream of any 6 or 45 years old kid - the Formula 1 competitions. For me, it started being a show of colorfull speeding small cars, but in the end I got caught by it. And well.. almost by some karts few times.

Three years of sharing joy, grief, bad weather, sweet, beer and pizza. More than 40000 photos, tens of contests, many days of rain in flip-flops in the swamps of Tg. Secuiesc and too many too warm days in Bucharest. I have to add some very good friends, from Bucharest in special.. and you know who you are :) I prefer to think about friends instead of clients, in this perspective, even if some would think is debatable.

It was also a good moment for me to learn much more than I wanted to about thief midgets from Herastrau. In those three years I’ve seen kids becoming pilots, and grown ups acting like kid, all for the joy of the sport. I wanted to put more pictures here, but I didn’t have enough space to do it.

Before the race, the rules are always discussed - in this case the penalties of hitting the kart in front of you.

Dark clouds are coming closer, should we prepare the rain tires?

Vlad Anghel - How much pressure can a 13 years old pilot can stand before steering a kart at more than 80 KM/h?

Petrut Florescu - First race, 6 years old, +50km/h, 35C+, getting the I place?

Rain and speeding karts, still no casualties (this time)

Tudor Atansiu running out of the platoon

Rain? no problems, the show's just starting!

That day, on the podium, the position was the same, Lucian Moldovan in the middle, on his left Alina Bunica and Patricia Grigorescu on his right :)

Mihai "Tase" Tanasescu taking easy the first place

Victor "Gugu" Nemes was last that day, but still enjoying it. And at the end of the year he was National Champion.

Little Leo won his first race, giving pride to his dad, the multiple National Rally Champion Sandy Barlovan

At the beginning of the racing season Eduard Anton was just dreaming at the cups, with his dad looking from the back, but ... he got his first I place two race later.

Atanasiu Andrei getting one of his many cups.

And in the end, I have to thank you :) Victor, Andrei, Alex, Dragos, Alina, Tase, Vlad, Stefan, Andrei, Mihai, Tudor, Edi, Mihnea, Lucian, Catalin, and many many others. I've removed the pictures with spectacular crashes, as those is better if they remain just in our minds... Catalin at SEEKZ

Note: this is the last Flashback

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