Thursday, 23 September 2010

Norwegian Airlines and their wonderful customer service

Norwegian Airlines, cheap, scandinavic, pretty decent flights and inexistent customer support. I wanted to be more ironic, but I'm still pissed off and stunned about the way the treat their clients... in not a good way :)

I've flight with various airlines, including them. The experiences have been from decent to very good, but in general was pretty decent. 

But about now... yesterday, due to strikes in France, they've cancelled a flight, which can happen of course. And than they did sent me an email and a text message regarding this... not :)). Or well .. maybe it was a thought or a malfunction in their PSP consoles they are using for customer supporting themselves during long cold winters while watching the polar bears play?!?! Nevertheless I did not get any warning so I found myself in the airport, which is not that bad, as loosing an annual conference in Information Architecture :), loosing my hotel bokking fee, loosing my train booking.. or to be brief, loosing a hell lot of money :) Which can make any person happy, happy.

Canceling a flight happens, but not sending a warning about shouldn't happen.

Now, comes the good part: they don't have offices in Copenhagen, they don't have an email address and they phones can be busy 24/24h. I'm trying not to think on the money spent on phones yesterday and today...

So, the only thing I can do is to warmly recommend to all the people I know EasyJet or other real airlines, not a ghost Norwegian scam, and yes they can.. there are scams also in Scandinavia. I just hope all of them are in Norwegian, so I don't meet another one.

Anyway.. Fly Norwegian, enjoy it, pay it.. and stay at home playing on the PSP :)

and ex-customer of crap-scam-ghost-norwegian-aircrap-and-nocustomer-support-norwegian-shit


  1. Same thing for me, norwegian is just as bad as Ryanair.
    An airline shows its real colors when there are cancellations.

  2. True.. I got cancellations from Tarom, KLM and Czech Airlines, and they were helpful and well ... I still fly with them. And sadly is not about being super profesional, but maybe just a little polite and nice won't hurt.

    ps. sorry for approving the comment so late :(