Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Why I dance tango

DNI Tango. BsAs. Tango demo. Photo by Adrian Iacomi

I did emphasize the “I” in the title because it’s a personal statement, so anyone can disagree. Of course there are many reasons why you should or could dance tango. And if you dance for more than few years you will know much better the reason.

As a beginner you dance because you are curious, or your loved half is doing it, and you don’t want to be the one who touches her/him less than others, or you got a present, or love the music, or are bored, or in need for some light fitness, or whatever.

But no matter the reason you started with, there will be a better question to answer in 3-4 months, after you (hopefully) mastered some basics, like walking, smiling, inviting, a cross/gancho (tango tricks) and made some friends. And the question is: why do you keep on dancing?
As a fitness alternative you get it it’s a failure, just creates leg cramps and broken toes. If you were a jealous person, it won’t make things easier. The music is still great, but sometime is not what you like, a partner with a good musical sense is hard to find, etc. So, why do you still dance?

Some people would dance to better, or the best, better than the rest, win a tango championship, dance with the stars on TV and stuff… which is all great, but how we can’t all be that good, and all of us dancing there on TV, we must establish some other goals on why we dance, right? Something more personal? Well, it depends from each individual to another. Some people would dance to be so good, that the best dancers would dance with them, and they would avoid to dance with beginners.

So why do I dance tango? Plenty of reasons I have to say. The people, some people that is, few people I like and enjoy dancing, chatting, connecting, discovering, sharing some dancing and doing some tango tricks. The music of course, not all of it, but the pieces I love to dance on. The discovery, the pleasant moment of dancing the first time with somebody you don’t know, and creating a connection like for a lifetime of friendship. So, what are all these for, what is common denominator (for me) of all these? Being happy?

Happiness in tango, the pure joy of dancing and connecting with somebody, disregarding the level of the partner. Not always to improve, but to discover the moment and the complementarity of two people dancing tango. Sure, there will be some missteps, maybe not always sharp on the music, but still there, together, dancing in the moment. The rest of it is just background noise.

So, (I) dance to be happy and (I) enjoy it. (I) worry less and (I) dance more. 

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